Finding Forever

Finding Forever

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CJ Roberts DARK DUET Series will CAPTIVATE you and then SEDUCE you! Absolutely AMAZING!

My review of each novel: 

Captive in the Dark (#1) 

Holy mother of pearls! Without a doubt, the Dark Duets deserve to be on the NYT best sellers list. Period! 

Dangerously disturbing. Sinfully dark. Scorching erotica that burns guilty pleasures. Emotionally taxing, but so incredibly real and raw. The well fleshed out characters weave you into their very existence. Some will hate it, but the fact is, human trafficking is real. Kidnapping is real. Human emotion is real. Circumstances are unfortunate.

Captive is a real eye opener and one of the most riveting, mind blowing, gut wrenching stories that opens a whole new window into abduction. The details given in Livvie's (aka "Kitten"/"pet") voice, brings you right into her world, into her heart, and we feel her desperation, humiliation, and the greatest human emotion: the need to feel loved. Livvie's life, before the abduction, is a dysfunctional mess clearly caused by her mother's lack of love for her own daughter. For Livvie to fall in love with her captor, Caleb, isn't so far-fetched. To feel loved is a human need. A necessity. Finding it in the arms of a man who, too, is tragically flawed is understandable.

Bits and pieces of Caleb, Livvie's captor, is revealed as well, which only enhances the story. The emotions and explicit nature of the novel is a revelation. The harsh truths most of us are blind to is a raw reality in human trafficking and therefore, I feel is written the way we should see and feel it without sugarcoating the details.

I cannot go any further with my review because the novel ends at a pivotal point. Final review will fall on the second book in the duet series, Seduced in the Dark.

Seduced in the Dark (#2)
MY REVIEW: (5/5)
The Dark Duet books, in their Absolutely freaking AMAZING glory, deserve to be on the NYT bestsellers list. Period!

Human frailty – how do you judge a person who's so completely and tragically flawed at a ripe young age? How does a villain become a hero? Let me tell you that once you've vested the time to see Caleb's character, to witness his tragically flawed upbringing, the gruesome things he'd been subjected to and engrained at such a crucial and tender age, one should understand how he'd seek comfort in the arms of whoever it came from. Love has no bounds. It comes in all shapes and forms. His constant need to feel human bondage easy to see.
CJ Roberts opens your heart, mind, body and soul to the harsh reality of human subjection by painting vivid imagery without icing over the graphic details. Livvie's a sponge and she absorbs you into the very heart of her character. You'll love with her, cry with her, be humiliated beyond humiliation, but more than that, her heart will command your heart to trudge into every flipping emotion a heart could feel! I was so tied up in the duet series, feeling every sweet and brutal emotion that I had to stop reading at 90%. I seriously did NOT sleep that night! My head was a tangled web spinning with so many freaking details and fear for how the story might end. And I felt NO GUILT and only JOY when I finally forced myself to finish it. My heart was redeemed and I wanted to SQUEEZE CJ Roberts for that. Mwaaaaaa!
I was held CAPTIVE, and then I was SEDUCED by the Dark Duet novels. One word to describe CJ Roberts - BRILLIANT! I want freaking more more more!!!!! How about Kids story? And Felipe and Celia? Oh, brilliant one, please do captivate and seduce us again and again!